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Production Data Management

Production Data Management

Maxwell’s Production Data Management solution is unique in its capacity to integrate operational data associated with running an Open Pit and/or Underground Mine.

Industry wide, integrated reconciliation reporting provides business insights to run a successful operation.

Key components to the Production data Management Solution include:

Grade Control Management

  • Operational Workflows
  • Grade Control Drill Monitoring and Reporting
  • Grade Reconciliation
  • Automated Assay File Importing
  • Sample Dispatch and Tracking
  • QC Reporting
  • Real time monitoring, reconciliation and reporting.

Drill and Blast

  • Drill and Blast
  • Blast Monitoring and Reporting.
  • Drill Metrics


  • Trucking
  • Rehandle material movements
  • Overall Production and Movement Reporting

ROM Management/Commodity Tracking

  • ROM and Stockpile Management
  • Location, Stockpile and Stockpile Commodity Reporting
  • Resource-Mined Ore Block Tracking


  • Location and Stockpile Surveys
  • Blast Survey
  • Mine Survey


  • Crusher
  • Mill

Reporting – Reconciliation

  • 3 and 12 month Rolling Reconciliation
  • Ore/Dig Block Reconciliation from Resource through to Mined Actuals
  • Resource-Reserve-Mine-Mill/Crusher Reconciliation
  • Ore Block Evaluation and Depletion

Reporting – Corporate

  • Daily Operating Reporting
  • EOM Reporting
  • Safety Reporting
  • Financial Monitoring (Capital and Operating)

ROM / Stockpile Management

  • Monitor Commodities and Type
  • EOM Reporting
  • Safety Reporting
  • Financial Monitoring (Capital and Operating)

Daily Trucking and Material Movement

  • Daily Data Entry Forms
  • Monitor Commodities and Type
  • Reporting Facilities
  • Financial Monitoring (Capital and Operating)


Reporting: Reconciliation Mining Envelope

  • Reconcile all blocks through mining envelope by block to the crusher and mill
  • Rolling Reconciliation reporting 3 and 12 month Rolling Reconciliation


– Viv Preston

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