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Maxwell Data Schema (MDS) v4.6.3 Release

Maxwell Data Schema (MDS) v4.6.3 Release

Maxwell is constantly upgrading and modifying the core schema for all our data management software, to provide storage for a greater range of data and additional functionality and integrity. New features in MDS include:


  • New water/environmental assay table system separate to existing normalised assay system.
  • New Sulphides table with restrictions to only sulphide mineral codes; sulphides fields to all combined geology tables.
  • New DHSurvey view to extract only priority¬†surveys for downhole desurveying.
  • Lock down of data in tables if Validated flag has been set to “TRUE”.
  • Library codes restricted to only those that are flagged as “ACTIVE” for data loading.
  • Performance improvements for tblDHAssays view.
  • New stored procedure to check if views will be affected by schema changes completed on a table.
  • New index on tblAssay to improve performance in QAQCR.

Minor Enhancements/Bug Fixes:

  • Various improvements to existing triggers, stored procedures, functions to improve performance and logic.
  • New view combining tblDHColl and tblDHSurv at 0 metre readings.
  • New magnetic field reading and hole temperature fields added to tblDHSurv.
  • Inclusion of “Measured_Date” to the Primary Key in the water tables to facilitate regular readings of water flow etc. in a single hole on different days.
  • Upgrade tblLIBIntensity to allow multiple codes for different tables for intensity, if intensity codes for the different tables are different between them.
  • Addition of triggers to restrict total % fields to 100% (e.g. Min1_pct + Min2_pct + Min3_pct + Min4_pct + Min5_pct <= 100%).


To download the release notes for MDS v4.6.3, click here


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