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Hosted Data Management Solution

Maxwell’s Hosted data management solution is ideal for companies wanting to keep early stage costs manageable. It is also suitable for companies wishing to outsource their data management process and keep focused on core activities.

Industry wide, integrated reconciliation reporting provides business insights to run a successful operation.

Key features of our hosted solution are:

  • On demand access to your data through our online portal WebSHED.
  • WebSHED allows you to query data, export datasets, create reports and view the data spatially.
  • DataShed is the data management tool.
  • LogChief is an advanced capture tool providing rapid capture of data across all activities.
  • Rapid implementation of data management system.
  • Data loading and management by qualified database professionals.
  • Flexible, customisable workflows.
  • Reduced data management operating costs – only pay for what you need.
  • View your data on Windows, Android and iOS platforms.

Key components of the Hosted Data Management Solution include:


  • On demand access to your data.
  • Visualise the data.
  • Query and export data.
  • Assist with management of your drilling programmes.


  • Industry standard data management system.
  • Can be scaled from exploration through to grade control to production.
  • On demand reporting.


  • Suitable for all data capture activities around exploration and mining.
  • At source quality control of data capture.
  • MxApps provides insight into data capture activities.


– Viv Preston

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