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DataShed v4.6.3 Release

DataShed v4.6.3 Release

We’re excited to introduce DataShed v4.6.3.

Maxwell is continuing to invest in improving its leading data management environment for user productivity and functionality.

Major Enhancements:

  • Significant improvement on opening time
  • Multifile importing from a multi tab/single file Excel spreadsheet now available
  • DataShed pXRF v2.0 extension available
    • Allowing for importing of pXRF data from a csv file into a normalised pXRF assay system.

Other Enhancements/Bug Fixes:

  • Filtering by
    •  “character” fields using single quotes enabled
    •  “date” enabled
    • The “AND” criteria added on multi query filtering enabled
  • Latest format Micromine files now able to be imported
  • Importing errors now able to be exported to Excel
  • Character fields > 255 in length now exporting correctly

Export to csv file allows for both quote and noquote options


To download the release notes for DataShed v4.6.3, click here



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