8 Key Reasons For Using A Hosted Database - Maxwell GeoServices
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8 Key Reasons For Using A Hosted Database

Hosted Database

8 Key Reasons For Using A Hosted Database

At Maxwell GeoServices, we’re often asked why you would consider using a hosted database. We think there are a number of key benefits for your business so we’ve asked Alex Menie, Database Administrator, to give us his thoughts, such as Maxwell’s industry leading WebSHED.

Hosted Database Benefits

  1. Provides significant savings in hardware and software costs
  2. Allows for the use of in-built workflows and validation processes
  3. On-demand access to data and reports
  4. Gives you the ability to customise views and reports
  5. Weekly and monthly reports on completed work, outstanding data issues and upcoming projects
  6. Corporate compliance to the data management process
  7. Provision of monthly QAQCR reports, with recommendations for failed checks
  8. Assurance and peace of mind for your internal stakeholders and your investors

– Alex

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